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My interview with a Good Zebra. Find out how I earned my stripes and pick up some yummy Spirit Animal Crackers while you’re there!

My interview with Marian Bacol-Uba, host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast. Here I talk about my first communication with Spirit, how My journey into Shamanism and Soul Level Animal Communication began, and I even do an on-air reading for Marian. Find out what her cats had to say by clicking the link above!

An article I wrote detailing what chakras are, how to know if yours are in balance, and how you can keep them spinning in tip-top shape! I also divulge a bit of my own personal experiences with chakras and how an imbalanced throat chakra affected my health!

My column, Ask The Animal Communicator, makes its official debut in the September 2018 edition of Pet Lifestyles Magazine! Click here to submit your questions for next month’s edition and be sure to check out @Petlifestylemag on Instagram.

A fun article I contributed to about friendliest cat breeds. I love that I’m included in the section regarding Siamese. I always tell people my first interaction with the other side was with my childhood cat, Weasel, who was none other than a Siamese!

Ever wonder why your Pup goes bonkers whenever the mail arrives? Well, you’re not alone. Check out this article from Reader’s Digest that I contributed to for some insight into what may be going on and what you can do to improve your dog’s relationship with your neighborhood mailman.

A wonderful interview with fellow animal communicator Kelly Voorhis of Infinity Healing. Here we share our personal insights and experiences with Pet Lifestyles Magazine.

One of the most comprehensive write-ups I’ve seen in a long time. Be sure to read #46 where I weigh in on what you can do to help your pup be less upset about the mail carrier.

A great piece documenting the endearing relationship between Shelby the golden retriever and her local garbageman. The author, Daniella Majeika, references a Reader’s Digest article I contributed to regarding the historical relationship between dogs and postal workers.