Time Loops & Rabbit Holes

Did you know that sometimes we can pick up on energy from different time lines? For instance, ever have a day where you just feel off but you can’t quite put your finger on why you’re agitated/sad/anxious etc? As many empaths know sometimes this occurs when we’re picking up on someone else’s energy. But there are other occasions where no matter how hard we try to clear the energy, the feelings just won’t shift. That’s because the energy we’re picking up on is our own, but from another time! Perhaps a year, two years, or even 5 years ago! So in a sense it’s someone else’s energy because as Alice so eloquently said in Wonderland,

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Sometimes when we experience a trauma or an intense event, the emotions we felt at that point can play on a loop, even when we aren’t consciously aware of it. Earlier this week, on National Dog Day, I personally experienced this. All day I could just tell I was in a mood. Irritable. So I took a moment to check in with myself; why did I feel this way? First I said,

“It’s ’cause I’m tired.”

But my truth chord was like, nope!

So I tuned in again…

Was it because the anniversary of my Mom’s passing was coming up?

No, that didn’t resonate with what I was feeling either. Then when I saw it was National Dog Day, it clicked! 3 years ago on that day, my beloved dog had passed.

Sooka ran away on Aug. 20th and after a week of searching we’d hired scent tracking dogs to find her. I remember the team said based on the condition of her remains when they found her, it appeared she’d passed on 8/23, which made sense to me since on that day I could not stop crying. My intuitive self knew and was already mourning.

This year, just as in the previous I remembered to be gentle with myself on that particular day. However, I’d forgotten that 8/26 was an intense day in my personal history as well. I’d been up all night searching for her, then meeting with trackers, learning my dog had passed and finding her remains all while I was planning a 1 year memorial service for my Mom at the time. To say I was emotional and irritable on 8/26/16 would have been an understatement!

The moment I remembered this and not only acknowledged but honored the Libby of that time line, the irritability in my current time line lifted! It’s always nice to feel seen and having conscious moments like the one I had where you feel truly seen by yourself?! Well that my friends is a transformative thing.

This experience is also a wonderful example of how our animals continue to work with us even after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. Sooka was my first rescue dog and one of the wisest teachers I’ve ever head the privilege of working with and clearly she still has some major knowledge to share.

Have you had any experiences where you’ve been effected by energy on a quantum level? Or a time where you knew your animal was working with you from the other side? If so I’d love to hear about it!

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