Animal Communication Crystal Kit

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These crystals have been cleansed using singing bowls and traditional shamanic techniques in sacred space. They were then installed with energy to support one's personal journey while strengthening the relationship they share with the animal kingdom.

Kit Includes:

  • (1x) Rose Quartz Tumble
  • (1x) Leopardskin Jasper Tumble
  • (1x) Crystal Properties Information Card
  • (1x) Floral Canvas Pouch
  • (1x) Stick of (ethically sourced) Palo Santo for smudging


Each kit is carefully assembled and energetically charged by me in Sacred Space. As a full mesa carrying shaman, I always make sure to call in Great Spirit as well as our Ancestors, Angels, Elementals, Celestial Family, The 4 Directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, and members of the Stone, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms. I call them not only to protect the medicine space in which I charge the crystals but to humbly ask for their assistance in installing the crystals with the supportive energy that will be in alignment with each specific individual who receives one of these kits.

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