Energy Renewing Honey Scrub - 4oz

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Energy Renewing Honey Scrub

This sweet scrub is jam packed with two-different types of honey, organic cane sugar, dried lavender, rose petals, coconut oil, and rose water. Handmade in Sacred Space by a full-mesa carrying Shamaness, The Energy Renewing Honey Scrub is designed to replenish your energy field and restore joy to your heart space. Meanwhile, the lactic acid naturally found in sugar and honey, helps dissolve dead skin cells; leaving your physical and energetic body glowing.

Directions: Apply using long upward strokes to arms/legs and circular motions at the joints. Envision the honey enveloping your body as you focus your attention on what sweet things you want to manifest in your life. Rinse clean with warm water while envisioning golden-white light filling your entire body-- restoring your mind, body, and spirit.

Ingredients: Sugar,* Unrefined Coconut Oil,* Colonia De Rosas (Alcohol, Agua, Parfum [Fragrancia Rosas 0307 CC2100-18], C.I. 17200, C.I.60730), Flower/Sage Honey,* Manuka Honey,* Dried Rose Petals,* Dried Lavender*


Tested on Shamans NOT Animals.

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