Chihuahua Snowman Ornament

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It’s that time of year again where we break out the decorations and Christmas ornaments. This year, why not add a little Chihuahua flair when trimming your tree with this hilarious ornament?! One side features an illustration of a cheerful chihuahua standing beside a grumpy snowman who’s been “decorated” in a very unique way. The other side reads:

“Let there be pees on earth and goodwill towards... man’s best friend!”


This ceramic ornament attaches securely to your tree with a gold ribbon to ensure that it’s both cat- and child-proof!


A lovely piece that is sure to spark laughter for many Christmas’ to come!


.: Front and back design 

.: 0.15” (4mm) thick high-quality porcelain

.: Hanging hole

.: Comes with a ribbon for hanging

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