Dezi The Rottweiler’s Story

Excerpt from Good Zebra’s Interview with Libby…

Q: Is there a particular reading or intuitive experience that sticks out as your favorite or most moving?

A: This is such a tough question because it really is hard for me to choose just one reading. Especially when it comes to animals as I am always left awestruck by the magnitude of their wisdom and compassion. There is one case in particular though that immediately comes mind. A rottweiler named Dezi whose owner happened to find me through, of all places, Poshmark, where I was selling some of my excessive makeup collection online. I had it listed in my bio that I was an animal communicator.

Dezi the Rottweiler

When Dezi’s mom, Megan, first reached out to me Dezi was presenting with some abnormal health issues which they were having difficulty getting a clear diagnosis on. Unfortunately, within 24 hours of receiving Megan’s email, Dezi’s family had received a diagnosis. It was a terminal, fast-moving cancer. So what had originally been scheduled to be a reading for clarity along with some long-distance healing for Dezi, quickly turned into an end of life transition reading. This was my first case working with a family in such a present state of grief and with a dog who had one paw in this world and one paw on the rainbow bridge.

I will admit I was very nervous because I wanted to be there for Dezi and her family but I was concerned that I would not be able to manage my energy in the way that’s necessary to facilitate a strong connection and clear reading. I went forward with it though because I knew Dezi was already aware that these fears of mine would be triggered and regardless she felt confident in my ability to step up and be of service to both her and her mom. Now at this point, I should note it had been an ongoing joke in my family about how despite being a lifelong swimmer and having taken first aid classes and lifeguarding training in high school, I told my parents when it came to a summer job, I did not want to be a lifeguard for fear of being in charge of other people’s lives. I told them I felt it was too much responsibility. So you can imagine my response when Megan told me she and her fiancé, DJ, had an appointment set up with the vet to have Dezi put down pending what Dezi told me she wanted them to do. Talk about responsibility! I was literally holding the fate of this animal’s life in my hands. No pressure.

During the session, Dezi talked about Megan and how proud she was of her. She discussed what they had learned together and how she would continue to be there supporting her even after she crossed. Megan asked me if Dezi was ready or if she wanted more time. Dezi had said she was ready whenever Megan was ready. The reading was about an hour during which time we laughed and cried together. Dezi even brought forth songs for her Mom to listen to in her absence. As the reading came to a close Dezi let out an audible moan that I could hear over the phone and in response, I said, “she’s ready.” In closing the session Dezi told me how she would let her family know she was around. What she described was so specific, I wondered afterward if it would really play out as she said. I didn’t want to disappoint them.

We ended the call and it was such a strange place I found myself emotionally because although I knew I had done an amazing reading, I also knew that a physical life was ending. Later that night I received a message from Megan thanking me and informing me how she had never experienced such a smooth transition before. She said she had lost dogs to cancer in the past but this time it was different. Dezi’s favorite doctor had been available that day to give the injection and all her favorite vet techs were there too. Both Megan and DJ had been able to get the day off without a problem and upon returning home, instead of experiencing the expected gut-wrenching grief that goes with losing a loved one, she was instead greeted with a comforting wave of peace.

The next morning I received another message from Megan excitedly telling me that her fiancé had been visited by Dezi in the EXACT way I had described in our call. This reading has stuck with me so much because Dezi taught me something that day. She taught me to face that fear of responsibility and that when in doubt, trust the animal. Always trust the animal. I still work with Dezi in Spirit. In fact, she and my dog, Sooka, who is also on the other side have become very good friends. Dezi gave me something else that day; the gift of friendship. Her mom Megan and I are very very close and talk almost every day like sisters. Oh, and Megan and DJ adopted another dog… a rescue Doberman whom they have named Libby! 

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